« The mountain offers the scenery… It’s up to us to set the history which goes with! ».

- Nicolas Helmbacher - 

Being Second highest French mountaineering spot after the massif of Chamonix, Les Ecrins are majestic. Lacking  mechanical lifts and Wilder than its predecessor, Chamonix, the massif of Les Ecrins has important peaks and glaciers, as much as by number as by size. 


These ones will give real pleasure to all the adventure lovers.

Here, the mountain’s tracks are not neglected and you will usually need one day to reach, making a stop at a shelter.  


All the activities are possible depending on the season.

In winter you will enjoy the white scenery practicing cross-country ski and ice climbing with us!

The rest of the year you will be able to discover this place rich in scenery and history through mountaineering and rock-climbing beginner courses.

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