« Dans ma petite calanque, au bord de mer sous le ciel bleu, dans ma petite calanque, coquin de sort qu’on est heureux ».

- Alibert - 

The Word “calanque” comes from the provençal “calanco” which means a Valley dug by a river and then picked up by the sea as the years went by.

The Calanques go over 20km, from the Goudes (last neighbourhood of Marseille) to the city of Cassis. There is no point in arguing about its beauty and its natural resources which allowed them to join the selected group of French National parks and thus benefit from a heightened protection for the enjoyment of nature adventurers.

So, come and walk those trails from legends like Gaston Rébuffat or George Livanos… Come and choose your path in this arid mountain range filled with beautiful locations facing the sea. You will also be able to enjoy the Via Ferrata thanks to our guides who will propose original paths adapted to your own specific level.


Season: The Mediterranean climate permits enjoyment of its remarkable and protected sites all year long.


Come to enjoy a unique and unforgettable time in the heart of the Calanques: The Beginner phase; climbing a single path at Cap Canaille, the journey then continues with a hanging night in a portaledge tent fixed on the rock wall to bivouac. You will be able to admire the most beautiful sunset while hanging at 200m from the ground. The next day, we suggest a long rappel with a route inside the 14th of July cave or another climbing path. The choice is yours, as always thanks to our Montagne Escape guides!