« Better have one more rocky peak than one less mountaineer ».

- Georges Livanos - 

Montagne-escape Les gorges du Verdon

The Gorges du Verdon is famous for having the most beautiful canyon in Europe. Located in between the departments of Var and Alpes de Haute Provence, this is the land of the thousand colours and perfumes. Historically rock climbing is quite recent in the Verdon region (since the late 60’s) but nowadays it counts over 1500 paths, from beginner level to expert (3 to 9ª) on this limestone mantle.

There is something for everyone: Big paths, adventure terrains, single pitch routes… In this area you will find very beautiful canyons: Le Riou, Aiglun, Riolan and also Main Morte!

OUR HEART-STOPPER : “Canyon rock climbing” course over 5 days- 2 days canyons: Riolan, Riou (depending on the weather conditions)- 2 days big paths or rock-climbing initiation. - 1 day of Via Cordata paths with a big swing side to side at the Baume au Pigeon!