« Those who go slowly, go for sure and those who go for sure, reach far ».

- A Corsican Proverb - 

Montagne-escape La Corse

A piece of paradise right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the beauty of Corsican scenery and its powerful culture will delight you. 

 Whether for leisure, cultural visits, hiking trips or sport activities…, this insular jewel offers all kind of possibilities waiting to be discover. You’ll find a diversity of landscapes the mountains with and of course their peaks, but also the inlets and bays, the coves, the forest, the Maquis shrubland, a frozen lake and even a desert and we must not forget to mention its famous canyons!


Rock climbing and canyoning can be practiced all over the island of Corsica, but the Massif of Bavella is an unmissable spot known for its rocky spikes and well adapted paths at all levels. In Winter and depending on the conditions of the snow, you will be able to discover the GR20 cross-country skiing and enjoy the typical unguarded Corsican shelters!

OUR HEART-STOPPER : A six-day rock climbing and canyon course. With your guide you will discover the most beautiful canyons in Corsica: the Richiusa, the Vacca, The Pulischellu, the Dardo, Pisca di Gallo. Depending on your motivation, this can be combined with some rock climbing along the paths over the Bavella spikes…

Best season : from may till october.